10 Reasons Why You Must Have Plants In Your House

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reasons-why-you-must-have-plants-in-your-houseOur nature is beautiful and plants are the best gifts that it has given to us. These beautiful living creatures are best partners of human beings. They just do opposite of what we do while breathing, we take oxygen and release carbon dioxide whereas plants take carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

So, ultimately we are partners and somehow we depend on each other. If not, at least we depend on them.

We all know that plants are beautiful. They refresh our homes when they are placed indoors. Also, they boost our mood and improve concentration. Apart from being decorative things, plants have many more benefits that i am going to discuss in this post.

So, here are the 10 best reasons why you must have plants in your house:

1. Plants Promote Healthier Lifestyle:

Plants are good for health as they release oxygen. When they are placed indoors they improve the entire atmosphere.

They not only provide oxygen but they also reduce the carbon dioxide levels.

Plants also increase humidity. They release almost 97% of water that they take in. As they release water in atmosphere, it increases humidity which keeps you safe from dry skin conditions, sore throats, colds and dry coughs.

2. Remove Toxins From Air:

According to a research by NASA, plants can reduce air toxins. They release water vapors that create a pumping action to pull contaminated air down around their roots from where they convert it into food for themselves.

In more simple words, plants act like sponge. They trap harmful toxins in their own tissues or break them down and release them as harmless by-products.

3. Improve Concentration And Productivity:

Studies have proven that houseplants can improve your concentration and productivity by up to 15%. Also, they reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

Plants create a feeling of well-being. Some studies also say that plants can make you feel calm. When you touch soft and smooth plants they make you feel calmer.

Overall plants can create a positive environment around you and boost your mood.

4. Improve Health:

Houseplants can improve your overall health. There are some plants that you can eat which provide you sufficient nutrients. Also, at the same time they purify air which improves your health.

Normally in day time plants intake carbon dioxide and release oxygen but in night they just do opposite of it, which means, they intake oxygen and release carbon dioxide. But, there are some plants which can take care of you even in nights by releasing oxygen.

Some of these plants are orchid, succulents and epiphytic bromeliads. These plants intake carbon dioxide and release oxygen in nights. You can keep these plants in your bedrooms to keep oxygen flowing at night.

5. Reduce Noise Pollution:

Plants help in reducing noise. This is one of the least known benefits of plants. But, plants actually help in reducing noise pollution. They do this by absorbing sounds, deflecting and refracting them. Plants can absorb sound from all parts, that is, leaves, stems and branches.

They also deflect sound in other directions and convert them in other forms of energy.

You can understand sound refraction with a simple example. A common material that is used for refracting sound is carpeting in a home. When there is no carpeting and something hits the floor then it creates sound and sound waves bounce all over the room resulting in echoes. But, when carpeting is added to the room then echoes disappear.

This same thing can be achieved with plants. Ground covering plants and green walls are excellent at refracting sound.

6. Boost Healing:

Plants can help in boosting healing in patients. A well known therapy that is used for boosting healing is Horticulture Therapy. In this therapy patients are asked to take care of plants. The patients who interact with plants experience a reduced recovery time as compared to other patients.

7. Plants Look Good:

Plants and flowers are beautiful. They look good and make your home attractive. If you have some beautiful plants in your house then they make your home a wonderful place. Everybody likes to see beautiful plants and flowers around them. Your friends and guest will appreciate you for having beautiful plants in your house.

You can decorate your home with plants in various ways. There are lots of beautiful planters available in the market that even make your plants look more attractive. You can see a list of some most stylist hanging planters by clicking here.

Overall plants create a positive environment and give a good impression to your guest and family members.

8. Refresh Your House:

There are various plants and flowers that release amazing fragrance. This refreshes your entire home. Assume being waking up in morning with nice fragrance all around you. It will be an amazing feeling.

There are various flower plants available in the market that release amazing fragrance in day and night. You can have them to keep your home refresh.

9. Lower Your Risk For Illness:

As plants have many health benefits they actually prevent you from getting ill. Some studies show that plants can actually prevent you from colds, sore throats, dry skin, dry coughs and transmission of flu viruses. So, overall plants act as a barrier between you and various diseases.

10. Restful Sleep:

Nowadays we all are getting busy. While on bed, most of the time we keep thinking about what happened during the day and what are our future plans. These things make it difficult to complete our recommended 7 to 8 hours of sleep. But some studies have proven that plants can actually help you in getting a restful sleep.

Plants like Lavender and Jasmine can help you in getting a restful sleep. The fragrance from these plants induces a state of tranquility that will help you prepare for a restful sleep.

Final Words:

Plants are the wonderful gift of nature. We all must take care of plants. They seek very little from us and give us most valuable things. I have tried my best to mention all possible reasons why you must have plants in your house. But, if somehow i have missed some reasons then please share them with us in comments. I will love to hear from you !

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