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disclosure-policyAs the name of our blog suggests, Best Gadgets List is a blog about best gadgets. Here we share information about gadgets that we feel are best in their category. Our gadgets lists are totally based on the quality of products, reviews by people on various websites, information that we collect from different sources and many other factors.

If we feel something is best then we share it here with you. Our main motive is to help our visitors to find out best gadgets for which they are looking.

For creating each and every post we do a lot of hard work. We devote our time and effort to provide you lists of best products and services (mainly gadgets). And, for this we believe it is okay to be compensated by advertisers.

We use affiliate links on our website to earn some money. By using affiliate links we get some commission whenever any of our website visitor purchases a product or service through our affiliate link.

Sometimes we also display some banners for which we get paid some money. You may see some other forms of advertisements on our website. As we also need money to survive, like most of the other websites on internet we also use advertisements to stay live.

However, this has nothing to do with our gadgets lists. We only share those gadgets which we feel best. The money that we get as commission never influences our content. We only share what we feel good. We only put our genuine opinions in our posts, so, you can remain sure of getting high quality content on our website.

We are disclosing this to you just because we want to be transparent with you. We don’t believe in hiding things as we believe in building relationship with our visitors. You people come on our website with a trust which we never want to break. Even we work hard to make your trust stronger in us.

We also want to thank you and all of our visitors for their kind support and making our website successful.

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure Notice:

It is important to also note that “https://bestgadetslist.com” is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

It is also important to remember that prices change quickly on Amazon so you will need to confirm the price we share in the post is the price you pay prior to finalizing your purchase.

We take great pride in ensuring that the content on this site is from a company we could recommend. If we don’t believe in the company or what it is has to offer, we won’t share it. Our readers are more important than compensation. We would never share a deal just to make a buck.

Thank You !

Team Best Gadgets List

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