How To Convert Your Balcony Into A Balcony Garden ?

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Creating Balcony GardenA balcony is a place of a home where you can perform various activities. You can raise plants, relax yourself, dry your wet clothes, host small parties and do many other activities in your balcony. With little efforts you can turn your balcony into a garden. You can even convert your balcony into a paradise by adding some simple things in it.

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Converting a balcony into a garden is a simple process. You can make your balcony a beautiful garden by following the simple steps given below:

1. Add A Grass Carpet To Your Balcony:

The first thing you can do to make your balcony a garden is to give it a garden kind of look. For this you can add a grass carpet to your balcony. These kind of carpets are available on Amazon at affordable prices. If you like to add a grass carpet to your balcony then make sure to add a waterproof carpet as it requires less maintenance and keep your floor safe.

2. Use Floor Planters:

Floor planters are perfect for raising big plants. You can use different size planters for raising different types of plants. There are various beautiful planters available in the market and online stores which can beautify your balcony. These planters usually made of plastic, clay and metal, so, you can select them as per your requirements.

Planters with drip trays are perfect for creating a balcony garden as they save excess water in the drip tray which you can use again. Also, they keep your balcony floor clean.

3. Try Some Railing Planters:

Just hang some beautiful railing planters to your balcony and raise some beautiful plants in them. This will give your balcony an awesome look. You will love to see such planters in your balcony. Beautiful railing planters with flower plants make your balcony a paradise.

These planters are perfect for beautifying balcony. Also, these planters grab everybody’s attention and therefore, they get you appreciation from your guests. Railing planters are also perfect for saving space in your balcony. So, if you don’t want to waste your floor space then simply hang some railing planters in your balcony and raise your favorite plants in them.

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4. Use Mountable Railing Planters:

If you want then you can give a try to these planters. Mountable railing planters are also a perfect choice for those who want to save floor space. These planters are usually big in size and let you raise different types of plants in them.

Just purchase a few mountable railing planters and mount them on your balcony’s railing. It will also give a different look to your balcony.

These planters are usually made of plastic and come in different colors. While purchasing these planters must check that your planter has a locking mechanism in it or not. If you plan to use these planters then purchase only those planters which have locking facility as it will make your planters fit perfectly on your railing.

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5. Try Hanging Planters:

Hanging planters are also perfect for saving floor space and at the same time they look attractive. These planters are good for raising small plants. Also, they come in various colors and styles so you can select the best one of your choice. However, for your convenience i have already created a list of 20 most stylish hanging planters that you can check. I am sure you will surely like some of the planters listed in the list.

Usually these planters are made of durable plastic but you can find some clay, metal and wooden based planters too.

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6. Use Wall Planters:

So, far we have worked on floor and railing, so, let’s work on walls. You can also give a try to wall planters if you want. These planters also save space in your balcony and at the same time they make your balcony attractive. These planters are available in different colors, styles and materials on various online shops. You can find lots of wall planters on Amazon.

These planters are usually small in size. They are good for raising small plants.

7. Try Planter Stands:

If you like then you can also try planter stands. They are perfect for providing a beautiful look to your balcony. Just use a stand and put some planters with beautiful plants on it. Planter stands add beauty to your balcony and make it look attractive.

The best part about planter stands is, they save your space. Planter stands allow you to put multiple planters on them and they do not take much space of your balcony. So, they are good for saving space in balcony. Also, at the same time they come in various eye-catching designs which grab everybody’s attention. Your guest will surely like your balcony garden if you decorate it with a planter stand.

8. Decide What Kind Of Plants You Need:

plantsNow when you have everything then decide what kind of plants you want to raise in your balcony. Usually flower and other thick trunk plants are perfect for growing in floor planters. You can plant all size plants in your floor planters. You can grow some flower plants, herbs, veggies etc in your planters.

Hanging planters are perfect for raising vines and climbers. So, it is up to you what kind of plants you want to raise in your balcony garden.

9. Use Good Nutrient Soil And Organic Fertilizers:

soil and fertilizerMake sure to use good nutrient soil and organic fertilizers if you wan to keep your plants healthy. You can create organic fertilizer at your home or you can purchase them from various online stores. Also, fix time for watering your plants. This will ensure that you will not forget watering your plants.

10. Add Bird Feeders:

If you want to have some birds in your balcony garden then simply add some bird feeders to your balcony. Just put some bird food in your bird feeders everyday and see the birds coming to your balcony garden. You can also put some water for birds in your balcony. This will make a good habitat for birds and they will make a habit to come to your balcony everyday.

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